The facade of Sun Star Castle is protected by the government as historical remain. It is located within the walking streets area leading to the ruins of St. Paul’s at the heart of the city. It is a pedestrain paradise for the tourists clustered with retailers of various brands. The target customers of the Castle are expected to be young and independent enjoying leisure shopping experience of fashionable products.

The four levels of basement are at present, occupied by Daiso store run by Sun Star Mark itself. However the first two basement levels may give way to international brands of fast fashion at affordable prices. The first floor may be converted into coffee shop of international brand providing sufficient space for the customers to relax. The entrance at the ground floor would be used by the anchor tenant with its strong power in attracting footfall.

The other street stores of Sun Star Castle will be leased out to existing and prospective prominient brands favoured by tourists. The 2nd and upper floors will be opened at a later stage after escalators have been installed. The antique facade of Sun Star Castle with modern interior may add its unique attractiveness to the passerby.

Address : Pátio de S. Domingos, no.17-19, Macau





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