Sun Star Plaza is situated in the north district of Macau in adjacent to Gongbei border of Zhuhai. It makes up of two 3-levels shopping arcades, Block 1 & 2 with respective car park amenities. Another car park belonging to the Plaza is also available at the neighboring Block 3.

A thorough mid-grade refurbishment and repositioning will be carried out to keep pace with the catchment of the Mainland tourists passing to and fro the border. The target customers are those having aimed purchases. The products sold consists of the hot sale items preferred by Mainland visitors and may be bought in bulky quantities.

The trade categories include : medicine & personal care, swallow net & dry seafood, cosmetics & perfume, imported snack, outlets of branded fashion & accessories, AV digital products and food & beverage. The Plaza is expected to be perceived as a one stop buying destination with everyday low prices.

Address : Bairro Do Hipodromo Macau




Rua Luis G. Gomes No.14, Edif. Keng Sau, 2 andar F, Macau   Tel.: (853) 2870-1399   Fax: (853) 2870-1397   Email:

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