A long-established prominent shopping mall developer and operator, Sun Star recognizes what customers need and want. Sun Star Mark - Living Home is fully aware of the fact that local customers are increasingly drawn to affordable products that are at the same time high-quality, trendy and premium along with a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience.

In response to the emerging new market’s needs, in 2004, Sun Star introduced the well-regarded brand, DAISO, a Japanese retail chain store, to the Macau retail market. DAISO offers over 100,000 items of high-quality household goods, lifestyle and unique gift products, and we have continued and brought the brand’s international strength to a local scale over the past decade. Since DAISO’s first opening in Macau, our stores have been expanding rapidly and have now become the city’s most popular leisure shopping destinations for its residents and tourists.

In 2017, Sun Star further expanded its retail business to embrace quality food under the brand, Inda Quality Food. INDA sources a wide variety of premium food from all over the world for our customers who care about the quality, provenance and value of their food. With long-term strategic thinking and innovative management, INDA endeavors to excel. The INDA stores combine modern designs and pleasant environments while providing distinctive presentation for the products. We also ensure our refreshing services create a welcoming ambiance for our customers. With relaxing music and pleasant lightings, the stores provide unforgettable shopping experiences as our customers immerse themselves within the elegant touch of the stores.

At Inda, we believe in our brand philosophy: We are not just selling quality food, but also enriching the quality of your life.