Macau's economy has been enjoying strong growth in recent years backed by its rapid development in tourism, transportation and casino sectors. Having freed up its locally-controlled casino industry to foreign competition in 2001, the Territory attracted billions of dollars in foreign direct investment that transformed it into the world's largest recreation center. On the other hand, China's decision in 2002 to relax travel restrictions on its people to Macau boosted local retail tremendously that makes shopping mall development a prosperous business. 

To share the benefits of the enormous shopping spendings from the Mainland visitors and the more affluent local residents in Macau, Sun Star Mark attempts to reposition and renovate its four shopping malls into thematic shopping destinations for the target customers. Specialists are invited to develop and implement the following 4 key managerial functions :

A.   Leasing
    Zoning (the right tenant mix)
    Soliciting tenants
    Advertising space leasing
    Short term rental management
    Tenant relations
    Lease agreement administrations

B.   Operations and Facilities Management
    Customer & tenant services
    Maintenance and repair
    Oversee and coordinate owner/retailers’ fitting out and M&E works
    Fire safety & statutory compliance
    Security & house keeping
    Infrastructure management (facilities provided to tenants)
    Ambience management (overall look of the mall)
    Carpark management
    Crisis management

C.   Marketing
    Market positioning
    Advertising, promotion, PR and special events
    Mall visuals and displays
    Creating loyalty programmes
    Monitoring the mall’s image to its target customers

D.   Finance & Human Resource
    Billing. Collection of rentals and other charges
    Maintain update and accurate accounting records
    Timely financial reporting
    Internal control
    Recruitment, training & performance appraisal

As the shopping malls are located in different districts with dissimilar regional features, the planned image, marketing strategies and attributes would be differed. The mission should be soliciting the right tenants, supplying the right products and services to the right customers.


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